UST U-Dig-It Folding Shovel

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The UST U-Dig-It Pro Folding Shovel is a durable stainless steel, collapsible shovel that is great for clearing rocks and debris, burying waste, plant removal, digging pits for campfires, cleaning game and fish, and much more. Essential for backpacking, camping and hunting, it complies with the "Leave No Trace" outdoor ethic.

  • Durable Stainless Steel Shovel
  • Collapsible for Storage
  • Great for Rocks, Debris, Burying Waste, Plant Removal, Digging Fire Pits, etc.
  • Can Be Used as a Cooking Utensil (Can Be Heated)
  • Expanded Dimensions: 233mm x 65mm x 32mm
  • Collapsed Dimensions: 146mm x 65mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 147g

For 80 years and four generations, UST Brands has provided reliable, affordable problem-solving gear for survival situations and emergency preparedness.

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