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Lucid Optics High Definition ED 10x42 Binoculars **FREE SHIPPING AUST WIDE**

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Lucid Optics set out to develop a high quality pair of binoculars with an optical system that is well balanced in clarity, durability and is leightweight. The B-10 10x42 EDHD binoculars have achieved this, weighing in at a only 680g, and featuring High Definition ED Fluoride lenses with not much else in this price point that is a fair comparison.These binoculars have a generous field of view and the resolution produced has the clearest color accurate image possible.

Lucid Optics have also added extra comforts including the neoprene cover, padded neck strap and a rugged, waterproof, hard sided carry case to keep your binoculars safe.

Key Features:

  • High Definition ED Fluoride Lenses - Provide exceptional light transmition for sharp enhanced hunting visibility in full or low light 
  • Waterproof & Fogproof - Built for damp & wet climates
  • Reinforced Lightweight Frame - Glass polymer filled frame with aluminium reinforcing is lightweight & durable


Lucid Optics is consistently aiming to challenge stereotypes and thoughtfully create their items with features and benefits that make sense for the intended use. Lucid Optics state there will not be any “me too” products in their line, and firmly believe that overkill is truly underrated. They create their products through a practical hands on approach, not in a boardroom or in a high-rise building
somewhere, but on the range in the hands of capable law enforcement, military, competition and recreational shooters alike. This foundation and approach in the product development ensures that LUCID Optics is able to offer a refreshing, functional perspective on all of the critical details of each product they produce.

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