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Bore Snake Rifle Cleaning Rope for .22-250, .223, 5.56mm .22

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The must have tool when out hunting or shooting! 

We try but can't always guarantee keeping our bores clean and dry. This tool is perfect to keep in your pocket or backpack to ensure you keep the bore free of foreign debris. Drop the weighted line in from the chamber and pull it through the bore and you'll be ready to continue hunting in no time! No rods and jags and no patches and oil! 

- Integrated brass brush to help break up carbon build up. 
- 77cm long cleaning rope & 120cm long, secure weighted line.


Shop with us and support a local Australian business! 


This item comes with a 1 year replacement or money back warranty! Contact us if you have any issues with this product and we'll gladly sort it out for you!

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