Assorted AFN Printed Design Helm Mats

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The AFN Helm Mat will make a great addition to your boat.  Made out of long lasting neoprene and 10mm thickness will add that little bit of extra comfort on-board.  With a non-slip base to ensure you won’t be taking a dive into the water!

The Helm Mat measures 700mm x 400mm (Area: 0.28m2), perfect for wiping those deck boots on.

Helm Mats are a hard wearing, soft and cushion deck for all helmsman stations in small to large craft. Making long hours behind the wheel comfortable!

With a range of cool retro designs on offer, you will be happy to welcome your mates on-board.

Available in Brown Trout, Marlin, Murry Cod, White Pointer, Barramundi, Snapper, Skello Trout, Skello Cod and Skello Snapper.


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